Orders – Deliveries

Order Processing – Pricing Policy

Orders are processed during business hours (9:00 am – 5:00 pm) excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The listed product prices are final (including VAT).

The online store www.bebe-mall.gr reserves the right to change prices without prior notice to the customer.

The schedules of each shipment are non-negotiable.

Orders that include products from suppliers are dispatched immediately after collecting all products in the company’s central warehouses.

www.bebe-mall.gr is not bound to fulfill the order of products offered through the online store if, due to typographical or technical errors, they are presented at a different price than the valid price in the current price catalog.

For all electric toys and bicycles, our company covers the delivery cost to Athens agencies!

Order Confirmation

Every order is followed by an email and/or phone call for confirmation.

Order Cancellation

Order cancellation is accepted only for the period before execution and before the product is delivered (i.e., before the dispatch note is issued), either by sending an email or by phone. You have the option to inquire about the progress of your order by phone or by sending an email. For credit card payments, the refund is made in the same way the customer chose for the charge.

Right of Withdrawal – Product Returns

The customer, based on current legislation (Law 2251/1994), has the right within 14 days from their purchase to return the products to the store for any reason and ask for their replacement or the refund of the amount paid for their acquisition. The store must inform customers about the right of withdrawal because, if the customer is not informed, the withdrawal period automatically becomes 12 months from their purchase.

The deadlines mentioned above apply to all member states of the European Union. Finally, the consumer bears the return shipping costs in case the return actions are done remotely and not at our headquarters.

Product Availability

bebemall.gr reserves the right to inform customers in case of subsequent unavailability of the ordered product and the possible delivery time. In this case, if the delay makes the transaction inconvenient for the customer, the order may be canceled at no cost to the customer. The rest of the order is executed normally.

Free shipping for orders over €60 throughout Greece.

For purchases over €50 and with prepayment, shipping costs are free. All orders with volumetric weight up to 10 kg are shipped by courier and delivered to the customer’s home.

Orders with larger volume for the Athens area are shipped with our company’s trucks.

Orders with larger volume for mainland and island areas are shipped by a transport company, and the customer picks up the products from the company’s headquarters.

The delivery of products is scheduled to take place within seven (7) working days from the date of order submission, provided that the customer’s area is within the company’s distribution network.

In areas not covered by the distribution network, the company does not provide any services.

www.bebe-mall.gr reserves the right to modify the methods, terms, and shipping costs at its discretion and without prior notice.


Free pickup methods.

  1. By courier When the package is up to 10 cubic kilograms, it can be sent by the courier company Courier Center. The volumetric weight is calculated based on international transport standards (width x length x height / 5000).

The shipping cost, if any, is calculated when the product is added to the shopping cart.

  1. Simple shipment with a transport company The most economical solution as all shipments over €50.00 are free! Bulky items (strollers, furniture, parks, etc.) are sent by a transport company or with our company’s trucks.

For shipments outside of Athens, the product is shipped by a transport company, and the customer picks it up from the company’s headquarters.

In the case of transporting parcels to inaccessible areas, which require transshipment, our company covers the shipping costs up to the first pickup station.


Pickup from a physical store

www.bebe-mall.gr provides the user with the option to order products that are available through the online store and pick up the products from any BEBEMALL store. Specifically, the customer can choose through the online store the product/products he desires, as well as the specific store (from the existing catalog on the website with the network of www.bebe-mall.gr stores) from which he wishes to pick up his order, paying the purchase price in cash upon receipt of the products from the selected store, which he will have already chosen.

This option is provided under the following terms and conditions.

The customer must be a registered member on the www.bebe-mall.gr website so that he has already provided the required information to verify his identity (i.e., full name, email address, contact phone, ID or passport number, Entrance Code (Username), and Personal Security Password (Password)).

This order will be valid for the same day and until the closing time of the next working day of the www.bebe-mall.gr store. If the customer does not come to the store to execute his order (i.e., pick up the order and pay the price) within the above-mentioned deadline, his order will be canceled, without www.bebe-mall.gr being liable for this.

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